MY PRACTICE in Portola Valley in Gynecological Oncology (cancer surgery and complex pelvic surgery) is based at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, CA. I welcome new surgical as well as all gynecological cancer patients. I am sub-specialized (see my resume) in the surgical care of pelvic problems from benign to malignant. (cancer to non-cancer).

Over the last 14 years, I have become particularly adept in performing nearly all of my surgeries using laparoscopic
(surgery by keyhole-size incisions) techniques. This way patients have less pain, lose less blood, stay in the hospital fewer days, return to work more quickly, and have much smaller scars on their abdomens.

WE SEE AND OPERATE on patients from every state, and will make your surgery visit very safe and convenient for you. If you want to come to meet me in one visit, and then return later for surgery, just call the main office number above and schedule your first visit.

However, many patients will want to schedule everything in "One-Stop," coming to our office for their first visit the day before we plan to operate, with both the office visit and the surgery scheduled well in advance. This takes careful planning ahead of time, but we do it often, safely, and easily. We will need to plan your consultation ahead of time by reviewing the faxed reports of the studies that you have had done, and we may possibly need to order other tests before you arrive so that all is ready on the day of your consultation.

Doctors: learn to perform TLH safely.

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