Physician Education

With the goal of increasing the practice of minimally invasive techniques, Dr. O’Hanlan founded the
Laparoscopic Institute for Gynecology and Oncology® (LIGO) in 2006. Devoted to training gynecologic
general and oncologic surgeons in minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, LIGO is an intensive
hands-on course, which has trained over 2,200 gynecologic surgeons from around the world.

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Minimally invasive, patient focused, personalized care.

• Comprehensive treatment of all gynecologic cancers
• Prevention and treatment of pre-malignant diseases
  of the gynecologic tract
• Complete gynecologic office and surgical care
• State of the art oncologic and pelvic surgery
• State of the art laparoscopic surgery: hysterectomy,
  radical hysterectomy, staging
• Evaluation and treatment of the abnormal pap smear
• In-office Loop electrocautery excision procedure with
  fertility preservation
• Laser surgery of external and intraperitoneal lesions
• Second opinion and consultation regarding cancer
• Genetic counseling, prophylactic surgery and testing
  for BrCa gene mutations.
• Up to date care of menopause and safe hormone
  replacement therapy


Surgical Services

"I had laparoscopic surgery at end of February and was back at work two weeks later. Dr. Kate was my third opinion as the two previous doctors said I wasn't a candidate for laparoscopic surgery." –N.L.



Patient Education

Dr. O'Hanlan provides extensive literature for your review in the waiting area, anticipating that you will want to educate yourself about your health to prevent disease and live well. In addition, she has co-authored a book of healthy aging for women called Natural Menopause: The Complete Guide (Addison Wesley, 1996). This book, combined with the specific literature provided in the waiting area on breast cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, endometriosis, weight management, sexuality, and hormone therapy provide you the best references of up-to-date, state-of-the-art prevention and therapy.


Becoming educated on your own will enable you and Dr. O'Hanlan to fine-tune your health in a collaborative relationship. Please arrive early or stay late after your appointment to read the many women's health articles provided.

"This brilliant doctor saved my mom's life. What more can I say? I thank God for her every day." –D.N.



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