Lesbian / Trans Health

Service to the public:

My service to the public has had three foci: cancer prevention, promoting minimally invasive approaches (laparoscopy) for all Gynecologic surgeries, and lesbian/gay/transgender access to care and equality.

Bringing medical information about the Gynecologic cancers to the public in a way that is accessible and useful can reduce risks for these cancers and make early diagnosis. I have given over 1,000 lectures to women's groups, senior women's groups, retirement homes, high schools, YWCA's, book stores, and employment associations since 1990.

EXCITING PUBLISHED CONFIRMATION ABOUT SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS AND GENDER IDENTITIES: THEY ARE ALL NATURAL, INNOCENT, IMMUTABLE, AND EQUALLY DESERVING OF RESPECT AND LEGAL RIGHTS. (as if you did not already know this...) As the recently appointed co-chair of Diversity and Inclusion Task Force for the Society for Gynecologic Oncologists, I wrote the manuscript that shows the abundant multidisciplinary information biologically correlating the hormonal and chemical diversity of the first trimester of pregnancy with many of the observed musculoskeletal, psychological, physiological, audiological, neurological, neuro-anatomic features that closely associate with one's orientation and gender identity. We all have a biologically conferred orientation and gender identity, and not one is better than another.


TOO LITTLE IS KNOWN ABOUT LESBIANS' HEALTH issues, and, in particular, how homophobia issues may cause gay men and lesbians to avoid seeing the doctor and not get good care. Homophobia is actually a health hazard, not homosexuality. What would really be important are health policy changes, which I have proposed in my publication in the Journal of Women's Health (2004) and in our trade journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.


WHAT DOES MEDICAL SCIENCE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY, civil marriage and parenting? See my article for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists national journal, and read my Testimony to the Legislative Committee of the California Assembly on April 10, 2007 that includes the policy statements from national organizations with over 400,000 professional members of this nation's medical and psychological experts.

See a lecture that Dr. O'Hanlan gave at the AMA annual meeting in 2010 about the biological origins of sexual orientation, gender identity, same-sex parenting and civil marriage with compiled evidence from the academic literature.

Read the Amicus Brief submitted by Dr. O’Hanlan to the United States Supreme Court for civil marriage equality. It reveals the abundant science that shows that everyone is born with a sexual orientation, and that none are deleterious.


The other focus has been on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) health issues. In 1992, I initiated and lead the Benefit Parity Bill Initiative at Stanford University, which made Stanford the first university in the world to offer an exactly equal benefit package to all employees, regardless of orientation. I have been very involved in the translation and interpretation of and education about the experiences and lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gendered individuals to the medical community, as well as the general public. This activity has included many meetings in the early 1990's with Dr. Donna Shalala as Director of Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. David Satcher as Director of the CDC and others in the National Institutes of Health which have resulted in, among other things, the inclusion of questions about orientation and behavior in federal research instruments so that a demographic profile of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gendered community members might be generated. Today this information is now widely published and is used to improve the health of LGBT's.


Later in the 1990's, my focus was to disseminate information about the health issues pertinent to these populations in Grand Rounds, peer reviewed publications and reports. I give Grand Rounds lectures to universities, hospitals, medical specialty groups, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and others about LGBT health challenges. To further generate quality research information on LGBT health, I founded the Lesbian Health Fund, (housed in the Gay and Lesbian Medical Organization (GLMA.org) which has collected and granted over $575,000 in small grants to over 50 medical research projects, resulting in over 45 peer-reviewed publications since its inception in 1992."

WHAT ABOUT FEMALE TO MALE TRANSSEXUALS needing hysterectomy and oophorectomy? We welcome TransMen for their surgical care, and assure them that our office and Sequoia Hospital staffs are very happy to provide your care.


I have performed my hysterectomy surgery for FTM guys since 1996. Sometimes I worked with Dr. Michael Brownstein performing top surgery at Sequoia hospital, and found that he did excellent top surgery.


I am still sad that ignorance won out when Senator Jesse Helms codified transgender discrimination into our nation's laws when he added his amendment to the (otherwise very good) Americans with Disabilities Act. The Act, as passed, prohibits any insurance, private or public, from having to cover my transgender brothers and sisters medical and surgical needs. I have negotiated costs with Sequoia Hospital, our team of pathologists, anesthesiologists and surgical assistants to charge very low costs for a surgical package for FTM's seeking bottom surgery. I am proud to report that I have helped over 100 TransGuys become more themselves, more aligned with who they really are.


While I do follow the World Professional Organization for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care guidelines, most of the guys consulting me for surgery have already had top surgery and have been on T for a while, so there is usually no need for any documentation or letters, etc. Call our office and speak with Laurie Page to get current details.


Download and print Surgical Instructions and Recovery Information for TransGuys and bring these with you to the office and hospital.


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