Planning Your Surgery

Download and print the Pre-operative Instructions and Recovery Information. This document explains 100% of your surgical preparation and recovery. Read it well before your visit and write down all your questions. Bring this document to every visit and especially to the hospital. It describes your recovery in great detail. It contains your discharge instructions, including what kinds of problems warrant an emergency call. Please re-read the Discharge to Home section before you leave the hospital.


Download and print Surgical and Natural Menopause to understand hormone replacement therapy.


Download and print Understanding Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy to understand and plan your surgery.


Patients seeking intake from outside the local area, please first download my Five Intake Pages, fill in the questions fully and carefully, and fax them to our office along with any pathology, pap, blood or radiology reports that you may have been given by your other physicians.

Upon receiving the medical records and your completed intake patient forms, Dr. O'Hanlan will review them and call you to discuss your diagnosis and treatment and to schedule your office visit and surgery date. We will contact your insurance company for authorization. We will provide you with contact information for local hotels, and the free Sequoia House next door to the hospital.

Your intake appointment in our office will be the day before your surgery. Do not plan anything for that afternoon or evening as we may send you for more tests, and you may need to start your bowel prep to cleanse your intestinal tract for the surgery.

A thorough exam and consult will take place in the first portion of the office visit. In the second portion, Dr. O'Hanlan will share all the information she has gleaned from all sources, and discuss the proposed surgery, its risks, benefits and alternatives. She will provide you with the surgical consents for your review and signature. You will be sent to the hospital after your exam if additional tests are required. You will then go to your hotel,  Sequoia House or friend's house in the area the night before your surgery where you will complete your bowel prep (if needed) and get a good night's sleep. Usually you will stay one additional night locally after your discharge form the hospital. Your home-town referring physician will help with your post operative care, and we report your findings and send copies of your procedures to their office during your recovery.



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