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I retired because of a dispute with Sequoia Hospital Redwood City, in which I was expelled from the medical staff after many years of distinguished service there, for reasons I feel were entirely invalid as well as grossly unreasonable and unfair.  Because the Sequoia matter was reported to the Medical Board of California, and because of the prohibitive legal costs involved in fighting both Sequoia and the Medical Board, I elected to surrender my license for now and retire.


For much more information about my dispute with Sequoia, please refer to my civil writ petition recently filed in Superior Court (link), which discusses the matter in considerable factual detail.


The writ petition seeks a court order setting aside Sequoia’s adverse actions against me in their entirety.  Although I am retired at the moment, I fully intend to clear my name and reputation.



Kate O'Hanlan, MD (she/her)
Cell: 650-245-3250

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